Recycled/Used pallets are a great economical choice. All recycled pallets are thoroughly inspected and repaired to ensure the highest quality and durability. We carry 2 grades of recycled pallets.

Grade A

This grade of recycled pallet has been repaired to close to its original condition. Broken stringers may have been replaced or repaired with metal plates. All damaged deck boards are replaced. This is a fairly clean pallet that is structurally sound.

Grade B

This grade of recycled pallet has had stringer damage that has been repaired by attaching an additional stringer along side the damaged one. This is commonly referred to as a companion stringer, block stringer and double stringer. The "B" grade pallets usually have two (2) or less repaired stringers. The deck configuration on the "B" grade pallet is not always consistent because these pallets have been repaired many times.

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The Warehouse Product Recycling Association (WPRA) is a non profit Canadian organization striving to reduce the impact to our forests by the reuse, refurbishing and recycling of pallets.

Through our partner ( WPRA will play a key role in planting one tree for every reusable pallet we receive!


Your help can go a long way in helping us keep the environment and forests of this beautiful planet fruitful!

Call us today to see how YOU can make a difference!


T: 514-709-TREE


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