The Warehouse Product Recycling Association (WPRA) is a Canadian nonprofit offering a well needed solution for the management & recycling of pallets in a responsible manner.  We understand that storage and recycling of pallets used on a day to day basis can be daunting, that's why we're here, to make this process as simple and easy as possible for everyone involved!


We offer free pickup services in Montreal and greater area.  (See "Pickup request" tab for our coverage area)


Reduce the impact manufacturing of pallets has on our forests

In 2019 alone, 1.9 billion pallets were in circulation in America and 250 million in Canada.  Because of this demand, deforestation is a common occurrence across North America and we want to play a role in balancing the numbers.  Our vision here at WPRA is to donate to our partner (onetreeplanted.org) in order to plant one new tree for every reusable pallet we attain. 

In an age of technology and ever changing innovative products, the demand for shipment of goods globally has steadily increased year by year.  With your help we can ensure that we sustain the human impact we have on our forests by giving back so we can continue to thrive and enjoy the beautiful planet we call home.


The idea for WPRA stemmed from years of experience in the recycling industry that opened my eyes to the lack of sustainable & affordable solutions to the management/reuse of pallets throughout Canada.  Considering pallets are one of the most popular transport structures for shipments globally, it only seemed fit to create an affordable solution that organizations can rely on while still playing a key role in the environmental responsibilities we all share.


With the help of all our partners, we can, as a community, make a real difference one pallet at a time!


The Warehouse Product Recycling Association (WPRA) is a non profit Canadian organization striving to reduce the impact to our forests by the reuse, refurbishing and recycling of pallets.

Through our partner (onetreeplanted.org) WPRA will play a key role in planting one tree for every reusable pallet we receive!


Your help can go a long way in helping us keep the environment and forests of this beautiful planet fruitful!

Call us today to see how YOU can make a difference!


T: 514-709-TREE

E: info@wpra.ca

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